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  • ES301

  • 1. Applicable for driving wheels on bad roads, mixed roads and general roads. 2. Special tread compound design offers lower heat build-up, excellent puncture and cut resistance. 3. Super steel belt carcass construction enhances casing strength and tyre load capacity.
  • ES601

  • 1. Applicable for long distance or national transportation service on mixed highway and freeway 2. Unique tread pattern design minimizes side sliding on wet roads. 3. Wide and flat tread area offers smooth wear and long mileage.
  • ED316

  • 1. Applicable for driving wheels of truck on mixed road surface and general prevent road and good road surface. 2. Pattern design offers good pulling force and lower heat build-up,also offered excellent self-cleaning. 3. Closed shouder design resists irregular wear. 4. Deep pattern extends service life.
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