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  • Eclat

  • 1.Устойчивость к перегреву 2.Высокое сопротивление качанию 3.Отвечает высоким экологическим требованиям
  • SAI-01

  • 1. Wear puncture-resistant and anti-aging compound to suply super long servicing life. 2. Multi tread pattern design, supply well appearance and driving performance. 3. Designed in super strength carcass, provide high-load operation protection in all-weather.
  • SRA-108

  • 1. Designed in special radial tyre ply cord, dimensional stability, low heat-up performance, providing must-low-carbon economy solutions for the four-wheel drive, high horsepower tractors and combine. 2. Extended tread pattern nose design, protected carcass like an iron rampart. 3. Good self-cleaning large lug pattern design, provide excellent traction performance in grip and skid resistance. 4. Wear puncture-resistant and anti-aging compound to provide super long servicing life. 5. Apply to agriculture, forestry tractors, harvesters and other logging skider.