Never Flat Industrial & Construction Tyres
Unique Feature
Exmiles leading tyre fill system can solve your flat tyre problem at once. Never, ever, ever again!
With the perfect combination of worlds leading foam fill system and Exmiles full range pneumatic tyres, Exmile supplies filled pneumatic tyres for all the toughest working conditions, such as military, mining, steel mill, garbage yard etc.
These filled tyres have been approved to be the right choice of no-stop, never flat, extra long service life, high ambiet heating resistance and super load capability appl The product ranges are from 8 till 35 inch, such as 5.00-8, 12-16.5, 14-17.5, 215/75R22.5, 385/65-22.5, 17.5R25, 35/65-33 (both bias and radial tyres are available), pls contact Exmile for the detailed sizes which you want.